About content page assets

Content page assets are a next-generation version of the page building experience. Leveraging a new component-based content model and dynamically interactive user-interface, it allows more advanced pages to be created in less time.

To help you select the best asset type for your content needs, review Standard page and content page feature comparison to check what feature support is available across asset types.

What does the content page asset offer me?

Here are some of the jobs the content page asset lets you complete:

  • Use content components to rapidly iterate on page designs.

  • Add text elements to a page with a modern WYSIWYG editing interface.

  • Set up personalized content based on customer segments.

  • Test out content for different audiences through A/B testing experiments.

  • Combine personalized content with A/B tests to get insights about how effective your content is from your audiences' perspective.

The editing experience is available through the Content tab of content page assets. Read About the editing experience to learn more about the features offered in Page Builder.