Create an A/B test variant and apply it to a content block

You can create A/B tests for a content block directly in Page Builder.

You can only run one test on a single content page. However, you can connect multiple blocks to the same test on the same content page.

Before you start

Read about configuring tests in the Optimization service at Configure an A/B test

This procedure also assumes you have already completed one of these procedures to add a content block:

If you want to test two text blocks, start with Add formatted text to a content page.
If you want to test a formatted text and a component variant, start with Add a component block to a content page.


To create an experiment and apply it to a block:

  1. Select Actions  Connect A/B test.

  2. Select Create test to open Squiz Optimization Create test page.

  3. Configure the A/B test variant in Squiz Optimization.

    1. Select Back to CMS to return to the Page Builder.

  4. Select the Content test you created from the list.

  5. Select Connect to test to apply the experiment.

    The content block changes to blue, and the header changes to A/B testing.

  6. Select Save to apply the test variation.

  7. (Optional) Repeat these steps to apply the same A/B test to other blocks on the page.

Next steps

You can now Create A/B test content variants for a content block for Variation A and Variation B in the A/B test.