How to set up personalization events and segments

This tutorial puts you into the role of a content author who is creating content for different visitor demographics (or segments).

You want to personalise the supporting content for a conference your company is promoting. You have two main demographics in your audiences; existing customers and prospects.

Your company feels they will get a better user experience, and more registrations for the conference, with slightly different instructions - so you want to personalise the content for them.

You can solve this common website content challenge using the content page asset in Squiz Content Management. This asset type lets you use personalized content blocks through the Personalization feature of the Page Builder Service.

Before you start

  • Familiarise yourself with the introductory content in Overview so you better understand the Page Builder interface.

  • Read Add a content page asset to familiarise yourself with the basics of how to work with the content page asset.

Tutorial topics