Create variations for the content block

You can only run one test on a single content page.
Put another way, each test and each content page have a one-to-one relationship with each other.

You can connect multiple blocks to the same test on a content page. This content editing approach can be useful when testing content variants in several blocks on one page as part of an overall testing strategy.

For this step in the tutorial, you will keep it simple and only add variations to the content block you set up in the first few stages of the tutorial.

Before you start

Read about configuring tests in Squiz Optimization at Configure an A/B test.


To create content variants for a block subject to an A/B test:

  1. Select Edit to begin changing the content page.

  2. Locate the content block that has the header A/B testing.

    You set Old Conf CTA as Variant A.
    This variant takes the Call To Action component content you set up earlier.

  3. Add the first content variation into the selected content block.

  4. Select New Conf CTA, which is Variant B in your test.

  5. Add a call to action component with this basic configuration:

    Call to Action > Contents
    You won't believe what you'll learn if you attend our latest industry-first conferences.
    Primary button link > Link type

    Matrix asset picker

    Primary button link > Matrix asset

    The standard page you identified or created in the Tutorial prerequisites.

    Primary button link > Target

    Open in new window


    Choose an image from your Content Management instance to add a point of difference to Variant B.

  6. Select Save to apply the variations to the content block.

  7. Move to the next part of the tutorial.