Set test traffic and success metrics

For this step in the tutorial, you will choose how many website users will see each content variation.

In this scenario, you want to send an equal number of visitors to each variant as part of your test plan. You want to test whether visitors served your New Conf CTA variation click through more than your control variant in Old Conf CTA.

Before you start

Read about configuring tests in Squiz Optimization at Configure and A/B test.


To set traffic and success metrics for an A/B test:

  1. In your Conferences CTA A/B test set the Traffic distribution to 50/50.
    Old Conf CTA and New Conf CTA should both show 50%.

  2. For the Success metric, select Page view.

  3. In the Page URL field that appears, specify the destination page URL of the conference landing page.

    Remember that the page needs to be navigable on your site so user interactions can be measured. For example, a standard page asset with a single line of text is fine.

  4. For the Test start, select Start manually.

  5. For the Test duration, select Finish manually.

    If you collected your site metrics as part of your test plan notes, you can use these values in the calculator to help determine an end date or visitor amount suitable for your actual traffic or site visitor counts.
  6. Select Save before moving to the next tutorial step.