Create a content page for the A/B test

Based on the scenario in the tutorial landing page, you need to set up a content page asset in Squiz Content Management that contains a Call To Action component that will vary with the A/B test.


To add a content page asset to your Content Management site:

  1. Select New or right-click on your site asset.

  2. Select Pages  Content Page from the pop-up menu.

  3. Name the asset "Conferences".

  4. Save the asset.

  5. Select the Content tab to view the Page Builder interface.

  6. Add a call to action component with this basic configuration:

    Call to Action > Content
    Learn more about our latest conference.
    Primary button link > Link type

    Matrix asset picker

    Primary button link > Matrix asset

    The standard page you identified or created in the Tutorial prerequisites.

    Primary button link > Target

    Open in new window


    Select any image from your Content Mangement system as a visual point of difference for this variant.

  7. Select Save before moving to the next step.