Apply personalization to content page blocks

The previous tutorial steps describe how you set up the Customer Data Platform (CDP) to track user events on your website and set up segment rules that group customer based on particular event conditions. This tutorial step describes how a content author uses the CDP configuration to personalize content on a website based on the segments that users are moved into, if they give their consent for this to happen.

Before you start

  • Read Personalization (Pink Blocks) for an overview of segments and how to add a segment to a page.

  • The steps describe how you set up a content block to show personalized information based on user segments.
    It is up to you to decide what content you add for the Customer and Prospect segments in this step. You can invest time in tailoring the content to fit your specific needs, or keep the content you add for each segment really simple if your goal is only to complete the tutorial and see personalization in action.


  1. Add a content page to your site and name it "Conference Information".

  2. View the Content tab of the content page to use Page Builder.

  3. Add formatted text or a component for your new content block.

    This initial selection is what all site visitors see when they view this page.

  4. Select Actions (…​)  Personalize this block.

    The Personalization menu opens with Default content selected automatically.

  5. Add all the segments you want to target for this content block in the priority order you need.

    The order of segments in this list determines what content is served to a visitor if the CDP matches them with more than one segment.
    Visitors that match more than one segment are presented with the content for whichever segment is highest in the specified order.
  6. Click Apply to turn on personalization for this content block. The content block changes to show a pink border to indicate it contains personalized blocks.

  7. Select a content variation from the content block menu as the default content for that block.

  8. From the Add content view, select Add text or Add component and customize the content for that segment.

  9. Repeat steps 7 and 8 to set content variations against the Customer and Prospect segments you selected in step 5.

  10. Select Save once you have finished adding content for all personalized segments.

  11. You can now view the next step in the tutorial where you test out the segments with the code you added in Add segmentation opt-in controls to your site.