Add personalization to a content block

You can apply personalization to a content block through the Actions  Personalize this block option.

The order in which the content variations appear determines the priority if more than one segment is in effect for a user.

Before you start

Events and segments should already be set up through the Customer Data Platform service.


  1. To apply a personalization segment to a component or text block:

  2. Select Actions  Personalize this block.

  3. Select one or more content variation segments you want to apply to the block.

  4. Reorder the segments to reflect their priority order associated with the block.

  5. Select Turn on to add the selected content variations to the block.

  6. Select a content variation from the content block menu as the default content for that block.

    The first selection you make is now the default content. This variation is always displayed until a user opts into a segment.
  7. From the Add content view, select Add text or Add component to create the default variation.

  8. Repeat steps 6 and 7 to set content variations against the other personalization segments you selected in step 3.