As with most sites, the header is consistent across all Workplace pages. You’ll be able to access a range of functionality from the header, including being able to navigate to the homepage by clicking on your company’s logo. The range of other functionality available from the header is listed directly below.

Site search is available from the header. You just have to click on the 'search' (magnifying glass) icon and the search bar will slide out. Type in a query and press enter to go to the 'search results' page or simply click one of the options presented to you in the dropdown search console.

Check out the Search page by appending /search to the end of your Workplace site’s base URL.

Staff directory

A link to the 'Staff directory' is available from the header.

Check out the Staff directory page by appending /staff-directory to the end of your Workplace site’s base URL.


You will receive a notification when someone:

  • 'likes' one of your comment posts

  • mentions you in one of their comment posts.

  • uses @all in one of their comment posts

Clicking on a notification will take you to the location of the comment.

The number of unread notifications appears within the icon, and you can clear this count by clicking the 'Mark all as read' link within the notifications dropdown.

User avatar menu

The 'User avatar menu' is a dropdown menu containing a link to your personal profile and other customisable aspects of Squiz Workplace. Specifically, the menu includes links to your:

You can also logout from the 'user avatar menu' if this has been enabled for your Squiz Workplace.


You can navigate to your digital workplace content via the mega menu within the header. Some menu items have pages under them and some don’t, depending on the content your organisation has put into the Workplace. Clicking on any menu item will take you to that item.