If your organisation has Classifieds functionality enabled, you will be able to:

  • Buy, buy, buy—contact colleagues to negotiate purchase of items—

    • see a list of items that are for sale/free,

    • click through to the staff profiles of colleagues that are offering items you may want to purchase (this is so that you can contact them).

  • Sell, sell, sell—advertise items—

    • list items for sale/free,

    • mark items that you have listed, as 'sold' or 'available'.

The classifieds listing shows:

  • items currently for sale (listed within the last 30 days), and

  • items sold (within the last 14 days).

Both you and your colleagues can list items for sales within the classifieds listing. Your organisation’s Squiz Workplace administrators can remove or republish items at any time, if required. You can contact them via the Feedback form (or by appending /feedback-form to the end of your Workplace site’s base URL).

What if my item doesn’t sell?

If you do list an item for sale, and it’s still marked as 'Available' after 30 (thirty) days, it will disappear from the listing. In this case, you will receive an email prompting you to talk to one of your organisation’s Squiz Workplace administrators, should you wish to republish your item’s advertisement for another 30 (thirty) days.

If you’re after more information, take a look at our Stay up-to-date section of this guide.