Using Workplace

This guide is designed for Workplace users who want to access any kind of content available in Workplace, as well as contribute to and collaborate on any of this content.

Some of features described in this guide are only available to (or configurable by) Workplace system administrators.
Squiz Workplace features

Learn more about the core Squiz Workplace components.

Updating your user settings

Learn how to modify your own Workplace user account settings for a more personalised Workplace experience.

Finding people and information

Learn how to search for information about people or items in Workplace.

Working with news, events and announcements

Learn how to work with news items in Workplace.

Customise your Workplace settings

Learn how to personalise your Workplace experience.

Working with comments

Learn how to work with comments in Workplace.

Stay up-to-date

Learn how to use alert features in Workplace to keep informed about topics that interest you.

Working with communities

Learn how to access, contribute to existing and create new Workplace communities.

Create and edit content

Learn how to edit existing and create new content throughout Workplace.

Working with analytics

Learn how to work with engagement analytics in Workplace.