Workplace 3.3 release notes

Squiz is proud to announce the release of Workplace 3.3. This release introduces two new features - email notifications and 'all' mentions, various improvements and bug fixes.

New features

Email notifications

As a Workplace user, you already receive a notification in Workplace, accessible from the top-right of the UI, when another user:

  • 'likes' one of your comment posts,

  • replies to one of your comment posts,

  • mentions you in one of their comment posts.

Users can now also choose to receive these notifications via email, so that a permanent record of these notifications can be kept, which are accessible outside of Workplace. Users can also configure the frequency of these email notifications (immediately, daily or weekly, or "never" to disable email notifications).

'All' mentions

When the @all mention is used (for instance, in a comment), all Workplace users will receive a notification. The mention will also appear more prominently in the social feed than a standard user mention.

The @all mention is not available when other social network providers (such as Yammer) are integrated into Workplace.


Faster and more reliable social features

Other improvements to the performance and reliability of social features (i.e. commenting, community discussions and news article creation) across Workplace have been introduced:

  • Type-ahead search completion has been added to the main search results page.

  • Document search results now include summary text.

  • @mention type-ahead search now allows you to access more than 5 results, available through a scroll bar.

Usability improvements

  • The feedback button location has been moved to improve usability for Internet Explorer 11 users.

  • Submitting an empty comment no longer generates errors.

  • The 'Mark all read' button in the notifications menu now hides any notifications older than 24 hours.

  • Support for group @mentions in Discourse-based Workplace instances was added.

Submit icon on the search input field

The search results page’s search input field now has a submit (right-arrow) icon.

Bug fixes

  • Contact card pop-ups are now available through the avatars of users on news items and content pages.

  • Special characters no longer cause unpredictable behaviour in the organisation chart.

  • The comment handling system for Yammer is now more robust and handles certain edge cases.

  • Special characters in a username no longer result in strange org chart behaviour.

  • The 'blinking' behaviour when the org chart loads has been fixed.

  • Private Yammer group comments now no longer show up in search results for Yammer-based Workplace installations.

  • An apostrophe (single quote) in a news item name no longer causes social features to fail.