Account settings

Account settings page

This page displays all the options available for you to tailor your experience in Squiz Workplace. If there are no configuration options, then the page will not display.

At this stage personalisation of content preferences is the only configurable option available to organisations.

Personalisation of content preferences

Personalisation options available will vary depending on how the administrators have configured the personalisation settings of your Squiz Workplace instance.

Some options are pre-selected for you (for example: your type of contract with the organisation, if available), other options will be preselected based on your organisational profile, and where applicable you will be able to customise your preferences.

Please see below all options available at the time this guide is released (Squiz Workplace 3.2.x, more options to come!):

Content preferences

The content preferences section displays all available options agreed with your administrator during the personalisation configuration of your Squiz Workplace instance, you will find a set of options per each group of metadata available within your organisation (for example, your location, your division or team, your type of contract and so on).

Most options may appear pre-selected based on your organisational profile (this is possible because we might be gathering your details from Active Directory or similar a source behind scenes). You will see that some options are editable, whereas others maybe be locked down, this varies depending on the policies within your organisation.

Please contact your Squiz Workplace administrator if you wish to update options that are locked down for you.

What changes when I update my content preferences?

Every time you update your content preferences, the content of the following sections is tailored based on your selection:

  • What News, Announcements and Web Links you see in the news feed from your Homepage.

  • What articles and filters you see when you open the News Listing page.

    • Important: From this page you can also update your preferences by using the button "Apply and set as preferences", which is available when you use the option "Filter articles" from the News Listing page.

  • What alerts appear in the Alerts feed available in your homepage (provided this feature is enabled).

  • What events and filters you see when you open the Calendar page (provided this feature is enabled).