Workplace overview

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Squiz Workplace is a flexible communication, collaboration and knowledge sharing platform.

Once logged in to Squiz Workplace (Workplace), you can post up news items, event notices or announcements, create pages of content, access business tools (e.g. standardised forms within an organisation), create communities with discussions, classifieds, as well as comment and collaborate on any news item, page or discussion topic.

Workplace builds upon the capabilities of other Squiz products, including the:

Getting started

Learn more about Workplace basics, how to log in, and how to access all of Workplace’s features and content effectively through the main Workplace user interface (UI).


Learn more details about all features and functions of Workplace’s UI, available to all Workplace users.


Learn more about how to modify Workplace’s features and functions from the admin mode interface, which is available to all Workplace system administrators.

Implementer’s guide

Learn more about how to implement specific advanced/custom features in Workplace, which are configured by Workplace system administrators and Workplace server administrators.

Release notes

Keep up-to-date with the latest changes by reading about the latest features and fixes available in your version of Workplace.


Understand more about Workplace’s definitions for features and terms used in the context of the Workplace ecosystem.