Workplace 3.8 release notes

These release notes describe release information relating to all Workplace v3.8 versions, including patch releases. Release (July 2021)

The following new features, improvements, and bug fixes were released in the initial Workplace release.

New features

The following new features were introduced in this version of Workplace.

Simplified search configuration

The global search and staff directory are now easier to configure compared with previous releases of Workplace. Configuring search filters and tabs requires half the number of steps. Filter and tab configuration is only required in the search administration interface and does not require any code changes.

Search results are faster and provide a better user experience

Finding people and information is now faster with performance improvements introduced for searching and filtering for content and skills across Workplace. Search results navigation has also been refreshed, with usability and design improvements to tabs and facets.

Global searches return more community content

Whether users are part of five or 100 communities, content is easier to find from the global search. The global search now includes a wider set of information from private and public communities. Conversations, news, events, and documents posted in public or private communities are now discoverable through global search.

Private community content remains discoverable only by community members. Content posted in public communities is discoverable by all users. Image formats, including JPG, JPEG, GIF, and PNG, uploaded to the Documents tab of communities, are also discoverable.

Read the Search documentation for more information about using Workplace search features.


The following improvements were introduced in this version of Workplace.

  • Workplace’s search engine has been upgraded to Funnelback v15.24.0.39.

  • Community administrators can now remove community members from a private community without accessing the Workplace Admin interface.

  • Upcoming calendar events can now be viewed as a list on the homepage by configuring the "Home latest news + upcoming events" content container template.

  • The navigation bar and global features (such as search, staff directory, and notifications) can now be pinned to the top of the screen to remain available when users scroll through content.
    Find the Sticky Header setting in the Metadata screen of the Squiz Workplace site asset.

  • You can now remove community documents in bulk, saving community administrators time maintaining document collections within their community.

  • Global calendar events can now be edited and deleted without accessing the Admin or Edit+ interfaces.

  • Deleting and flagging comments is now more informative with the progress shown in the dialog box instead of hiding the progress in the background.

  • All event start and end dates have been localised to each user’s current timezone within Workplace to support remote working.
    Event dates in the Admin interface retain their non-localised start and end dates to assist Workplace administrators in troubleshooting events.

  • News, event, announcement, and avatar images uploaded through Workplace are now automatically compressed to reduce page load times.

  • Workplace administrators can now only see private communities of which they are either a member or Community administrator.

  • Workplace administrators can now add multiple user groups to administer private communities through the Admin interface, making moderation and content creation more accessible.

Bug fixes

The following bug fixes were resolved in this version of Workplace.

  • Fixed an issue where duplicate notifications appeared when you mentioned a user in communities.

  • Fixed a confirmation message issue that incorrectly suggested a community event was not updated when part of a workflow approval process.

  • Fixed an issue where the latest activity tab was not displaying comments for the Yammer integration.

  • Fixed an issue where calendar event times would change when timezones entered or exited daylight savings.

  • Fixed an issue where the intranet’s name (for example, Squiz Workplace) was automatically prefixed to all page search results. The prefix is now removed, which improves the usability of search results and removes confusion when searching for information.

  • Fixed numerous issues with downloaded ICS files. Release (May 2022)

The following new features, improvements, and bug fixes were released in the initial Workplace release.

New features

The following new features were introduced in this version of Workplace.

Customise the edit button label

You can now customise the default label on the Edit article button in Workplace.

You can find the Edit article button label setting in your Workplace admin site’s Global preferences.

Search and discover more content in your Communities

Workplace Communities now offer improvements to the way filtering works.

You can now specify categories and assign them to communities. You can also filter communities by category through tabs in the Community view.

Get richer information in event news items

More information available through the Workplace Events wizard now appears as information on each event news item.

New information available on events includes the following:

  • Event location and summary

  • Topic information

  • RSVP details.

Bug fixes

The following bug fixes were resolved in this version of Workplace.

  • Fixed an issue where news articles displayed the numeral "2" if you linked the news article thumbnail in multiple locations.

  • Fixed an issue with CSS that caused accordions to open by default on page load and not close when selected.

  • Fixed an issue that caused event start and end times not to adjust when daylight savings ended.

  • Fixed an issue that allowed all users to publish events to a calendar page for which they did not have admin permissions.

  • Fixed a frontend logic issue that prevented users from being able to download calendar events created through previous versions of Workplace.

  • Fixed an issue with a database query that prevented users from deleting documents in private communities.