Organisation chart

The organisational chart is a visual representation of your organisation’s structure. You can also click through to the staff profile of a colleague by clicking on their name within the org chart.

Within the org chart, if a staff member has a team of people working to them, you’ll be able to click the 'reveal' down arrow ( Org chart reveal team button ) to expose their team members. You can also click the 'expand' symbol ( Org chart expand team button ) to 'zoom in' so that you can see the expanded team more clearly. From the expanded view you can click the 'back-up-a-level' symbol ( Org chart up a level button ) to return to your previous view of the org chart. It sounds more complex than it is—have a go and you’ll see for yourself!

The data for the org chart and relationships between roles, is controlled by your organisation and auto-magically presented in this neat org chart format. If you can see that you or a colleague are in the the wrong position within the chart, you can contact your organisation’s Squiz Workplace administrators. An easy way to do this is through the Feedback form available from every page.