Release (August 2022)

The following new features, improvements, and bug fixes were released in the initial Workplace release.

New features

The following new features were introduced in this version of Workplace.

Improve Document Search Experience in Community Overview

You can search for Documents within a Community in Workplace.

You can find the Search via your Communities Documents tab.

Keyword search for Communities

Workplace now offer improvements to discover new Communities.

You can now filter the Communities landing page by keyword search term.

Display community news in the Home page News Feed

Community News can now be promoted to the home page and displayed on the News landing page. Community News that belongs to a private community is restricted to those who belong to that community.

Communities now discoverable via Search results

Community content, including News, Events and Documents, can be searched for within the site search results. A Community filter is also available to drill down to a particular community posts.

Community filters are available within the site search results page when a queried term has matching results for a community the logged in user is apart of.

Best Bets now available in Global search results

Funnelback configured Best bets can now be displayed in site search results.

Bug fixes

The following bug fixes were resolved in this version of Workplace.

  • Fixed an issue where Accordions were unable to open.

  • Fixed an issue when saving Events with multiple filter types via the admin interface, saved differently to the front-end editing interface.

  • Fixed an issue the social feed to not display results.