Release (October 2022)

The following features, improvements, and bug fixes were released in the Workplace release.

New features

The following new features were introduced in this version of Workplace.

Communities can have additional informational content

Metadata has been added to optionally configure a new tab with a custom title that embeds an asset’s content on the community page. It can also be configured to be the default selected.

Search results descriptions are displayed to users + Search results are restricted based on permissions

The ability to enable a read permission check for assets that appear in search to hide the summary of items if the user performing the search does not have read permission for the item.

Modify facets to provide a show/hide toggle when the available list is long

On the search v2 page, a facet listing with more than ten items becomes truncated and expandable with a Show More link.

The new config option "searchFacetResultCountBeforeCollapse": 10 controls how many items are to be shown in a facet list before it is truncated.

Community events to be categorized as global events

Manual steps have been included to upgrade the community events editor to have the same flow as global events.

Bug fixes

XSS Injection fix for article titles

  • Fixed an issue where users could inject a script using <script> tags in an article.