Content pages

Depending on the functionality enabled by your organisation, content pages within the Squiz Workplace allow for a variety of ways users can interact with the content. This includes users being able to:

Squiz Workplace administrators and content authors can also add new content.

When editing or creating new content there are a variety of options your can use/customise to make your content more user-friendly and readable for your colleagues. Some basic options include being able to:

  • format your text (using heading styles, bold or italic text styling, bullets and numbered lists, tables etc.),

  • add images with or without captions,

  • add video,

  • add tabs or accordions to organise your content,

  • add a team chart to your content,

  • format the layout of the page (using metadata) to add or remove;

    • breadcrumbs,

    • page heading,

    • 'author' block,

    • 'last edited' block,

    • comments,

    • 'back-to-top' link.

Learn more about the Edit+ interface from the Matrix 5.5 documentation. The Create and edit content section of this user guide also contains more help information.