Release (May 2022)

The following new features, improvements, and bug fixes were released in the initial Workplace release.

New features

The following new features were introduced in this version of Workplace.

Customise the edit button label

You can now customise the default label on the Edit article button in Workplace.

You can find the Edit article button label setting in your Workplace admin site’s Global preferences.

Search and discover more content in your Communities

Workplace Communities now offer improvements to the way filtering works.

You can now specify categories and assign them to communities. You can also filter communities by category through tabs in the Community view.

Get richer information in event news items

More information available through the Workplace Events wizard now appears as information on each event news item.

New information available on events includes the following:

  • Event location and summary

  • Topic information

  • RSVP details.

Bug fixes

The following bug fixes were resolved in this version of Workplace.

  • Fixed an issue where news articles displayed the numeral "2" if you linked the news article thumbnail in multiple locations.

  • Fixed an issue with CSS that caused accordions to open by default on page load and not close when selected.

  • Fixed an issue that caused event start and end times not to adjust when daylight savings ended.

  • Fixed an issue that allowed all users to publish events to a calendar page for which they did not have admin permissions.

  • Fixed a frontend logic issue that prevented users from being able to download calendar events created through previous versions of Workplace.

  • Fixed an issue with a database query that prevented users from deleting documents in private communities.