Implementer’s guide

This implementer’s guide provides guidance on how to implement specific features in Workplace. Read more about these Workplace features in the release notes.

General prerequisites

Before implementing any of the following features, the following prerequisites must first have been agreed and established by both the Workplace client/customer and Squiz staff member assisting with the feature’s implementation:

  • The domain name through which the client’s/customer’s Workplace instance is accessible - e.g.,

  • Access to the SSL certificate for this domain name (provided by the SSL certificate provider),

  • The ranges of IP addresses for any networks through which the Workplace servers can be accessed (through its firewall), and

  • Details of the public or private DNS record for the IP address serving Workplace through the client’s/customer’s domain (above).

Feature implementation topics

Learn more about how to implement the following features in Workplace through one of the following topics: