Social collaboration

You can make a comment post in several locations, including from:

  • the 'My Collaboration' feed on the homepage,

  • any content page that has commenting enabled, and

  • any 'Community discussion' page.

When you make a post you can get straight to the point and just tap out a comment, or you can:

  • 'mention' a Squiz Workplace colleague.

  • use a 'hashtag' to tag a particular topic.

  • format your comment post using the available markdown editor options.

  • add images or attachments to your comment post.

When you are viewing a Squiz Workplace colleague’s post, you can:

  • Reply to a post.

  • 'Like' a post.

  • 'Bookmark' a post.

  • 'Share' a post.

  • 'Flag' a post.

If you’re new to the whole social collaboration scene, don’t panic! Check out our helpful video on social feeds (by appending /workplace-videos to the end of your Workplace site’s base URL) and the Get social section of this user guide as a starting point—you never know, you may love it!