Get started

This section provides details on how to log in to Workplace and familiarise yourself with the Workplace user interface (UI) so that you can access Workplace content effectively.

Log in

Content in Workplace becomes accessible after a Workplace user has logged in.

To log in and access content, ensure you have your Workplace URL and login credentials provided to you by your Workplace system administrator or server administrator.

  1. Access your Workplace URL.

  2. Enter your username and password into their respective fields.

  3. Click the Login button.

  4. You are taken directly to the Workplace home page.

If you accessed a Workplace URL for another page on Workplace and were prompted to log in, then you are taken to that page after successfully logging in.

Familiarise yourself with the Workplace interface

Once you log in to Workplace and the Workplace home page appears, you can access the following main areas of the Workplace UI:

The very top section of the Workplace UI contains the global navigation section. This section is available throughout the entire Workplace UI.

Below the global navigation section is the global search feature, which allows you to search and filter for all content available on your Workplace site.

Personalised news feed

Below the global search feature is your personalised news feed (within the heading Latest).

Social feed

The lower-left section of the Workplace home page contains your social feed, under the heading What’s Happening.

The lower-right section of the Workplace home page contains your business tools and favourites.