Delete the article

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This section applies to news, events, articles and announcement links. If you no longer want an article to appear in your news listing(s), you can delete it.

If you’ve used Matrix before, then you know that deleting an asset is easy. However, there is an additional step involved in deleting articles within your Squiz Workplace. The extra step is necessary because we are using Funnelback Push Collections to create our news listings. Using Funnelback Push Collections allows us to provide you with super fast news listings that are always up-to-date and searchable. The trade-off is a two-step process for deleting articles.

The additional step is simply archiving your article before you put it in the trash.


  1. Navigate to the page.

  2. Click the 'Edit' button or add '/_edit' to the URL of the page. This will open up the Edit+ Interface.

  3. Enter the Details screen.

  4. Locate the Status section and edit as follows.

    • Change the status of the article to 'Archive' by selecting 'Archive' from the dropdown list.

  5. Save the change.

  6. Within the Edit+ Interface, click on the 'Asset information' button. This will display the 'Asset information' pop-up menu.

  7. Within the 'Asset information' pop-up menu, click the 'Move to Trash' link.

  8. Clicking the 'Move to Trash' link will open the Linking screen, with a warning message.

  9. Click the 'Save' button to confirm moving the article to the trash. And you’re done!