Depending on how your organisation uses the 'Communities' functionality, they are a great way collaborate with your colleagues around a topic or particular task.

You can get to your organisation’s communities from the mega menu or by clicking on the My communities link within the User avatar menu.

There are three key page types for the 'Communities' functionality. These include:

  • a single 'Communities listing' page—as the name suggests, this page houses a list of available communities you can be involved with.

  • multiple 'Community overview' pages (sitting under the 'Communities listing' page)—displaying introductory information about a single community and a list of discussions for that community.

  • multiple 'Community discussion' pages (sitting under the corresponding 'Community overview' page)—displaying comments that have been contributed to a particular community discussion.

There are a couple of key ways you can interact with 'Communities'. You can:

  • 'follow' a community,

  • 'favourite' a community, or

  • contribute to a community.

If you 'follow' a community, you’ll be able to keep track of any comment posts made within the community, from the My communities tab within the What’s happening section (social feed area) of the homepage.

It’s worth noting that only Squiz Workplace administrators can add or remove communities from your organisation’s Squiz Workplace.

It’s a little bit new, so if you’re struggling with the idea—don’t panic—check out our helpful communities video (by appending /workplace-video to the end of your Workplace site’s base URL). We also get into the nitty gritty in the Collaborate—Communities section of this guide.

Communities listing page

The 'Communities listing' page displays a list of communities that your organisation has created.

The functionality of this page is quite straightforward. You can:

  • filter the list of communities by 'All' communities or by communities that your are 'Following',

  • start 'following' a community by clicking on it’s 'Follow' button on a community listing item, or

  • open up a 'Community overview' page for a particular community by clicking on a community listing item.

Community overview page

You have lots of options when it comes to using the functionality of a 'Community overview' page. You can:

  • 'follow' the community,

  • 'favourite' the community,

  • start a 'Discussion' topic within the community,

  • upload a 'Key document' to the community,

  • see a list of discussion 'Contributors', and

  • click on a 'Discussion' topic within a community to be taken to the 'Community discussion' page for that discussion.

Squiz Administrators are able to edit the overview information for a community.

Community discussion page

Once you’ve clicked through to a 'Community discussion' page, you can:

  • 'follow' the community (if you haven’t already),

  • 'favourite' the page, and

  • contribute to the 'Discussion' topic.