Personalisation is one way we’ve tried to make your Squiz Workplace more relevant to you! By default, it cuts out a bunch of content that you possibly don’t need or want to see/read!

When we talk about personalisation for Squiz Workplace, we’re generally talking about serving content to you on the basis of pre-configured default content preferences. These are usually specified for you by your organisation. Depending on your organisation’s preferences, you may also be able to expand your preferences to include additional content. You can do this on your 'My Account' page.

Each organisation determines the fields they will use for personalisation. One common user segment that most organisations choose to categorise (and therefore personalise) their content by, is location. So if your organisation has offices in more than one location (e.g. Sydney CBD, Penrith, Wellington, Melbourne and Armidale), by default, you would automatically see content relevant to the office you work at (e.g. Penrith).

If you’re a content author, you’ll be able to 'tag' content so that it gets to the right group/s of users. Currently we apply personalisation to:

  • alerts,

  • events within the 'Calendar' page,

  • articles within the news listing on the homepage, and

  • articles within the 'News listing' page.

As user of Squiz Workplace you can control what content displays in the pages listed above via your "Account Settings" page.