Add content to the page


Content authors are able to add content to a landing page. The content will always appear above the links to the level two content pages (that sit below the landing page in the Information Architecture (IA) of your Squiz Workplace).

We recommend keeping this content to a minimum, so that your colleagues are able to easily see the links to the level two content pages when the landing page loads.


  1. Navigate to the content page you would like updated.

  2. Click the 'Edit' button if it is visible or add '/_edit' to the URL of the page. This will open up the Edit+ Interface.

  3. Enter the Contents screen.

    • You are able to able to add the same content you might add to a standard content page. Please note: further guidance on adding headings, paragraph styles, lists and links etc, can be found in the Content pages—Add content to the page section of this guide.

  4. Save the change/s.