You will land on the homepage anytime you open up your Squiz Workplace. From your welcome bar, you can search Squiz Workplace. Below the welcome bar, you can also see the latest news items promoted by your organisation, check out the most recent social activity, and quickly get to your chosen business tools or favourites.

Site search is also available from the homepage welcome bar. It operates in exactly the same way as site search available from header. Clicking in the search panel area will allow you to enter in a query. Pressing enter will take you to the 'search results' page or clicking one of the items presented to your in the search dropdown console will take you directly to that item.

Check out the Search results page (by appending /search to the end of your Workplace site’s base URL) or access the search video (by appending /workplace-videos to the base URL) for more information.


Alerts appear on the homepage, and seek to provide you with important timely information. Alerts are issued by your organisation’s Squiz Workplace administrators.

There are four different types of alerts, including:

  • Celebrations (green)

  • Informational (blue)

  • Warnings (red)

  • Emergencies (orange).

Once you’ve read the alert/s, you can dismiss them even before they expire.

For a more detailed overview of Alerts, you can check out the Alerts information in the Stay up-to-date section of this guide.

Promoted news items are available for you to view from the home page. On page load you will see the latest eight news, events, links, or announcements. You can click the expand button at the bottom of the section to display more items.

Some articles will be pinned to the top of the listing, meaning that even when new articles appear, they will be lower down in the listing than those that are pinned. If you see an article sitting at the top of the listing for a few days, it’s probably content that your organisation considers really important and worthy of a read! If your organisation chooses to, one article can be made more prominent than the others—you won’t miss it, it will be the big one in the top left corner of the feed!

Clicking on one of the individual news, event, link or announcement items will take you directly to that item. If you’re interested in seeing all of the available news, events, links and announcements in Squiz Workplace, then check out the News listing page (by appending /news to the end of your Workplace site’s base URL).

You can get further information regarding news, events and announcements in the Stay up-to-date section of this guide, or via the news and events video (by appending /workplace-videos to the base URL).

Social feeds

You can see 'What happening' in your Squiz Workplace and contribute to discussions using this social feed area of the homepage. There are four tabs, including the:

  • 'My collaboration' tab, allowing you to see the comment posts of people you are following and to make comment posts of your own.

  • 'My communities' tab, shows a list of comments from all the communities you are following.

  • 'Bookmarked discussion', shows a list of comments that you have bookmarked.

  • 'Latest activity', shows a running feed of all the comments made within Squiz Workplace, not just of the people you are following.

There are some great options available to you around comment posts, which we explain in-depth in the Working with comments section of this guide. When viewing other people comments posts you can:

  • 'Like' a post.

  • 'Bookmark' a post.

  • 'Share' a post.

  • Reply to a post.

When creating a comment post of your own, you have a range of formatting options available to you, including adding and image or attachment to your post.

You can read further information from the Working with comments section of this guide, from the Social feed (by appending /social-feed to the end of your Workplace site’s base URL) video, or by experimenting with it yourself via the social feed on the homepage of your Squiz Workplace.

Quicklinks are really handy! As the name suggests, you can quickly and easily click on one of the business tools you have saved or click on a 'favourite' link to be taken to that web location. You can even click on the 'Edit' button for either list and be taken to the My business tools (by appending /business-tools to the end of your Workplace site’s base URL) or My favourites (by appending /favourites to the base URL) pages.

You might like to check out our Business tools and favourites video (by appending /workplace-videos to the base URL) or you can get detailed information in the Customise your Workplace settings section of this guide.