Create and edit content

Squiz Workplace is designed so that you and your colleagues can easily contribute to the content of your digital workplace, which will make using it a more useful and dynamic experience—not to mention more interesting! We’ve put together this pretty thorough guide to help you get started. Enjoy!

There are a range of different content types that all users can contribute. The most common ones that content authors will create are content pages and news, event, announcement and link articles.

Permissions and workflows

The underlying philosophy of Squiz Workplace is that all users can access and update all editable content. However, Permissions and workflows can be used to manage access to content, and control content publication. Organisations can put Permissions schemas in place to manage which staff members can edit certain content. Organisations can also put Workflow schemas in place to add in approval/publication steps and conditions when publishing content. For information or assistance, the first point of reference are the Matrix Manuals. In particular the sections on Permissions and Workflows.

If you’re not able to access, edit or publish certain content, but you think you should be able to, you can contact your organisation’s IT support team or your organisation’s Squiz Workplace administrators. An easy way to do this is through the Feedback form available from every page (or by appending /feedback-form to the end of your Workplace site’s base URL).

Content you can edit