Alerts appear on the homepage, below the homepage welcome bar. They are designed to provide you with important timely information. Ideally they are used sparingly, so that users pay close attention when they do appear.

There are four different types of alerts, including:

  • Celebrations (green)

  • Informational (blue)

  • Warnings (red)

  • Emergencies (orange).

Once you’ve read the alert/s, you can dismiss them even before they expire.

Dismissing an alert is easy, all you have to is click the 'Close' (X) button in the top right hand corner of the alert.

Alerts are issued by your organisation’s Squiz Workplace administrators.

Squiz Workplace administrators can get guidance around creating and editing Alerts within the Administer and configure Squiz Workplace section of this guide.

Squiz Workplace administrators can customise alerts so that they appear:

  • only to certain user segments (e.g. users in a certain location),

  • for set period of time (e.g. 1, 3, 6, or 24 hours).

Apply personalisation "tags" to Alerts

Just as with any other article use the metadata screen to add the appropriate "tags" to your alerts:

  1. Navigate to the Alerts folder and edit the alert you want to update.

  2. Click the 'Edit' button or add '/_edit' to the URL of the page. This will open up the Edit+ Interface.

  3. Enter the Metadata screen.

  4. Choose the tags available under the section "(Client) Content Personalisation", see that some options are locked down, they are reserved for administrators of Squiz Workplace.