Landing pages

Landing pages are the top level one pages in your Squiz Workplace Information Architecture (IA). They include links to level two sub-pages in the IA. Links to these level two sub-pages are added automagically—no need to worry about linking to them!

While links to lower level pages are automatically included in your landing page, there are a other aspects of the landing page that are configurable. These include:

  • content

  • a listing for 'Recently updated' content

  • a listing for 'Recently viewed' content

  • breadcrumbs

  • summary text

  • landing page banner image

  • author block

  • comments

  • 'last updated by' section

  • 'back to top' link.

You can navigate to landing pages from the header megamenu.

The following instructions are designed to assist content authors to create, customise and edit landing pages.