Datastore dxp and dxp-next CLI

The Datastore CLI tools provide the commands necessary to add your Datastore blueprint to your local simulator or upload the blueprint to Squiz DXP Console, as well as manage these blueprints in either environment.

Deprecation Notice for DXP/Datastore CLI Version 0.39.0

As of February 2024, the CLI version 0.39.0 is officially deprecated and will no longer receive active support for Datastore. While existing installations will continue to function, no new installations or updates will be supported using this version.

This upgrade consolidates multiple Digital Experience Platform (DXP) tools including Datastore, Component service, Job Runner service into a unified command-line interface (CLI). The main benefit of this release is the seamless unification of these essential tools, offering users a more streamlined and efficient development experience.

Upgrade to the dxp-next CLI

To ensure continued support and access to the latest features, we recommend upgrading to the dxp-next CLI version, which will become the officially supported version for Datastore starting February 2024. Detailed installation and usage instructions are available from the DXP CLI documentation.

Migration Assistance

If you encounter any challenges during the migration process, our support team is ready to assist you. Email with any questions or concerns about the migration process.

Datastore dxp-next CLI

Read the DXP CLI documentation for all supported commands, and for installation instructions.

Datastore dxp CLI (v0.39.0 and earlier)

This documentation is preserved for users who may need to refer to specific features, functionalities, or implementation details associated with version 0.39.0.