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2.7.0 release notes

Released: 12th of July, 2021


  • Pagination requests sent as direct HTTP requests to your data service’s API now encode special URL characters (according to RFC 3986 URI standards) within pagination links when the property page[v]=2 is submitted as part of the request’s query string.


  • The simulator now returns an x-datastore-debug-error response header when the blueprint cannot be found.

  • Pagination links on collection aliases now return the collection alias path for the next and previous pages.

    Collection aliases are alternative collection paths (defined in the blueprint’s API specification file) that provide access to a common set of documents within a collection. This feature allows this common set of documents to be accessed through both its primary collection path, as well as their alternative collection paths (and hence, 'collection aliases') in HTTP requests.

    Collection aliases allow custom access control (ACL) rules to be implemented across each one, thereby allowing a common set of documents to be accessible through their own ACL rules, governed by the ACLs defined within each collection alias.

  • Properties of documents across a collection and their collection aliases can now be used to sort, filter or aggregate their documents within the collection and its collection aliases, regardless of whether the properties are defined in the blueprint through the collection or collection alias path.

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