Create a landing page

This section of the guide explains how to create a landing page.

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  1. In either admin or edit mode, click on Create new asset button. This will open the Asset creation wizard.

  2. In the Asset creation wizard, click on Standard page from the options provided.

  3. In the Asset creation wizard, enter in the details for the page:

    • Enter a title: enter in a title for the page.

    • Show in menu?: select 'Yes' for the page to be visible to public viewers in the site’s menu, select 'No' for the page to be hidden from public viewers.

    • Create locations: click on Select new location to choose a location for the page.

  4. Click Create.

  5. In the Asset creation wizard:

    • Click Edit to go to the Details screen of the page.

    • Click Close to return to the location you were at previously.

Next Steps

Content authors must configure the landing page (choose layout and other formatting options), as the next step in creating a landing page.