Other documentation

This section contains other administrator-guide documentation from the old internal user guide (accessible from within Workplace).

'Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.' ;-)

Your organisation’s Squiz Workplace administrators should be the only staff needing to access the functionality described in this section of the guide. If you’re not sure if this includes you, check in with your manager or other get in touch with your organisation’s Squiz Workplace administrators via the Feedback form available from every page (or by appending /feedback-form to the end of your Workplace site’s base URL).

This section of the guide covers off a range of administrative tasks that can be undertaken by Squiz Workplace administrators. We cover off:

  • publishing and managing homepage alerts

  • promotion of news, events and announcements to the homepage news feed

  • the addition and removal of business tools from the Business tools manager page

  • creation of a community

  • management of flagged comments.

If you don’t feel confident in carrying out any of instructions within the guide or if they’re just not comprehensive enough to enable you to carry them out, please get in touch with Squiz Workplace support staff for assistance to achieve your goals. You can get in touch via:

Guide sections:

  • Footer

  • Alerts

  • News, events and announcements

  • Business tools

  • Communities

  • Flagged comments