@all mentions


Users can receive notifications (appearing at the top-right of the Workplace UI next to your user avatar menu) whenever someone uses @all in a comment post.

@all mention notifications are not configured by default in Workplace.

Use the instructions provided on this page to implement @all mention notifications within your Workplace instance.


To set up @all notifications for your Workplace instance, you require a Squiz staff member with server-level access to your Workplace instance itself. These people are known as Workplace server administrators.

You also require a Workplace user who has admin permissions in Discourse, which is a service component of your Workplace instance. These people are known as Discourse admins.

In Workplace, every user has an account in Workplace’s Discourse service. The Workplace root user automatically has admin permissions in Discourse and can grant other users the equivalent admin permissions through the Discourse UI. A Workplace server administrator can make other Workplace users Discourse admins.

Last, ensure the general prerequisites have been met before continuing.

Configure Workplace for @all mentions

Configuring Workplace for @all mentions requires work conducted by Discourse admins and Workplace server administrators.

Configure Discourse

As a Discourse admin, configure an 'all' group.

  1. Access Discourse by appending /services/social/admin/groups/custom to the base URL of your Workplace instance.

  2. Create a new group called 'all'.

Configure Workplace’s crontab file

If the email notifications feature has already been configured on your Workplace instance, then this crontab file configuration would have already been implemented and you can skip to the next procedure.

Contact your Squiz Workplace server administrator to configure your Workplace server’s crontab file for you.

Test that your configurations work

  1. As a Workplace system administrator, create a new 'test' user in Workplace (within the Squiz Workplace Mk III > Squiz Workplace - Site > Site Configuration > Squiz Workplace Users > Squiz Users asset).

  2. Ensure you are logged in as your regular Workplace user and in a new comment on a page, mention @all in a comment.

  3. Log in as the test user and check for the appearance of a notification at the top-right.

You may wish to double-check this on another test account. Once done, you can remove these test accounts.