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Patricia Billings

Invention of Geobond®

Patricia Billings

Imagine a building material that is indestructible, fire-proof and non-toxic. Sounds like something you'd find in a work of science fiction, but actually it's a very-real invention called Geobond®, designed by female inventor Patricia Billings.

Patty Billings, a sculptor, initially sought to create a cement additive to prevent her sculptures from shattering in the 1970s. After years of experimenting, she finally achieved her goal of making an indestructible plaster. Soon after, she discovered the material was also amazingly resistant to heat – which opened the door to a larger number of applications. Because the Geobond® invention is non-toxic as well as indestructible and fire-proof, it is the world's first workable replacement for asbestos.

While Patricia Billings has two patents on her work, she continues to keep the exact recipe of Geobond® a secret. The inventor and great-grandmother hopes to see her invention used to revolutionize the construction industry, and she even turned down millions of dollars from a company she thought would try to bury her new technology.

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