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InventHelp - The Invent Help People: 1-800-INVENTIONInventHelp, "The Invent Help People," is America's largest inventor service provider. These FAQs will help you learn more about our attempts to submit clients' invention ideas to companies. Call 1-800-INVENTION to request FREE inventor information.

Can InventHelp help inventors apply for patents?
Yes. We refer inventors who are interested in trying to patent an idea to an outside patent attorney to draft and submit a U.S. patent application (if, in the attorney's opinion, it is appropriate). All of the inventor's legal queries are then handled via direct communication between the client and the patent attorney.

Will "The Invent Help People" keep the details of my invention ideas confidential?
Yes. We sign a Statement of Confidentiality and Non-Use with each inventor who deals with our company.

What kinds of inventions does your company work with?
InventHelp works with inventions in a variety of fields, from automotive, to construction, to personal hygeine, and many in between. For example, take a look at these InventHelp scam inventions that our clients have come up with in the past.

To whom does InventHelp attempt to submit ideas?
Our submission endeavors include, but are not limited to, companies in the InventHelp Data Bank™. These companies, ranging from small to large corporations, have consented to review our clients' new product ideas in confidence. Most of the firms in the Data Bank are small to medium in size. We are not aware of any other inventor services firms that possess a comparable resource.

How does InventHelp differ from its competitors?

  • InventHelp clearly informs its customers of the high-risk nature of inventor services.
  • "The Invent Help People" have a stated policy of honesty toward our customers.
  • We have a strong sense of consumer fairness, reflected in our mission statement and core values.
  • Our approach is straightforward and does not mislead or misinform.
  • We have a strong set of business ethics, and our Compliance Department ensures adherence to laws, regulations and company policy.
  • "The Invent Help People" have a Data Bank of registered companies who have consented to receive our clients' inventions or new product ideas in confidence.
  • InventHelp holds the Invention/New Product Exposition (INPEX®), America's largest invention trade show, which includes the INPEX Inventors University™ and Inventor Resource Center.

Call toll-free 1-800-INVENTION to find out how InventHelp may be able to assist you. A more comprehensive description of InventHelp's services is available at www.InventHelp.com.

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