Famous Women Inventors

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The Famous Women Inventors Web site (and its sponsor, InventHelp) believe that these profiles are merely an introduction to the achievements of female innovators. Although not as publicly visible as their male counterparts, women inventors are equally responsible for the creative genius that has shaped modern society. From Sybilla Masters (who, in 1715, became the first American woman to earn a patent) to Stephanie Kwolek (the brilliant chemist who was responsible for the invention of Kevlar®), InventHelp celebrates the myriad women who have made significant contributions in the world of inventing.

Below you will find additional links pertaining to women inventors, as well as general invention history. There are also links to assist today's creative minds in the ongoing quest for innovation. To learn how you can try to submit your invention idea to industry, please contact InventHelp, "The Invent Help People" at 1-800-INVENTION.

Women Inventors

Lemelson Center: Exploring the History of Women Inventors – Provides an overview of the crucial role played by women in the history of inventing.

Women Inventors Index – Database of female patent holders from 1790 through 1895. Users can browse records by inventor name, invention type, year, state and several other criteria.

History's Women – Celebrates the extraordinary achievements of women throughout history in all categories: Women of Fait, Social Reformers, Amazing Moms, and many more.

Biographies of Women Mathematicians – Agnes Scott College's very thorough index of female mathematicians from ancient times to the present day. Features alphabetical, geographic and chronological listings of these great women.

Children's Encyclopedia of Women – Started in 1998 by a group of students from Pocantico Hills School in Sleepy Hollow, New York, this site has grown into a comprehensive index of distinguished women from across the globe. New entries are added in March and April of each year.

Famous Black Inventors – Profiles a handful of the many African-Americans who have made significant contributions in the field of inventing. Includes biographies of numerous black female innovators like Dr. Patricia Bath, Valerie Thomas and more.

Inventor Resources

InventHelp – InventHelp is America's leading inventor service company, with offices in over 60 cities in the U.S., Canada, South Africa, Australia and the United Kingdom. The company helps inventors try to submit their ideas to industry and obtain patent services. Call 1-800-INVENTION to learn more.

INPEX®, The Invention Show – INPEX, America's largest invention trade show, is a service of InventHelp. The four-day event showcases numerous inventions, new products and innovations available to business and industry, and it also features the INPEX Inventors University™.

Free Patents Online – Offers fast, easy-to-use access to millions of patents. Images are accessible from the full-text page of each patent, in either PDF or TIFF format.

National Collegiate Inventors & Innovators Alliance – According to the Web site, this organization "fosters invention, innovation, and entrepreneurship in higher education as a way of creating innovative, commercially viable, and socially beneficial businesses and employment opportunities in the United States."