Useful programs to have installed on Windows for Funnelback


When working with a Windows installation it is a good idea to install the following tools if possible. These make debugging and managing a Windows installation of Funnelback much easier.

Useful programs

  • Process Explorer: Much better task explorer. Doesn’t require installation (but you should run it as administrator). Allows you to view/kill process trees, see what process has a lock on a file etc. Microsoft endorsed (available on the Microsoft website).

  • Cygwin: Gives you access to a heap of unix tools that you take for granted on a Linux system. Also give you the ability to read large log files without loading the full file into memory (using tools like grep, less, tail etc). Also has tools like wget, sed and a recent version of curl (with the ability to grab session cookies - the native Windows port is several version out of date). When installing include tools such as curl and wget.

  • Cmder: (Portable) bash-like replacement cmd shell. Includes a lot of standard UNIX cmds and may be an alternative to installing Cygwin.

  • Fiddler: If HTTP request debugging is required

  • Wireshark: If low level (packet level) request debugging is required

  • Notepad++: Text editor that can handle non-Windows line endings

  • Metapad: Very basic text editor that can handle non-Windows line endings (does not require installation)

  • 7zip (CLI version): Standalone binary that can be used to compress log files. Useful when you need to get logs off the server and the Download support package/Windows zip produce archives that are corrupt (occurs with very large log files)

  • Chrome portable: If only Internet Explorer is available. Standalone version of Chrome (does not require installation)