Best practices - 4.1 implementation cleanup and maintenance


This article outlines best practices to follow when cleaning up or maintaining a Funnelback implementation.

Cleaning up before a go-live

The following steps should be carried out as part of the go-live process of any project:

  • Ensure debug messages in code are removed or logged to an appropriate log level so they don’t appear in logs.

  • Remove any temporary configuration files or unused templates.

  • Check the modern UI logs to ensure any errors are dealt with.

  • Remove any access logs that may have been generated during testing.

  • Regenerate or reset the analytics to ensure test data is not reported on in the analytics. This also applies to accessibility auditor and collection update history databases.

Ongoing maintenance

The following tasks should be conducted periodically:

  • Check the modern UI logs to ensure any errors are dealt with. This will help to catch edge cases that may have been missed when the UI was configured.

  • Check the crawler/gather error logs for errors and address these appropriately.

  • Check the analytics regularly and use the information in the query reports to create synonyms to improve the search quality.

  • If required create tuning training data and periodically run and apply the tuning settings.