Searching for pages with or without a metadata field


The Funnelback query language provides operators that allow you to search for pages that have a metadata class containing a particular value. However, there isn’t an obvious way to find all pages that have a specific metadata class set to any value (or are missing a particular metadata class).

It is possible to search for all pages in the index that have (or don’t have) a specific metadata class - but it requires a workaround to search for a hidden value, known as the query boundary operator ($++), that is set whenever a page has metadata.

Find all items that have (or don’t have) a specific metadata class set

Use the metadata query language operator to search the index for all items containing metadata class example:

Condition meta_X CGI parameter query language

Has metadata class set



Does not have metadata class set



If you are passing $++ in your query string don’t forget to URL encode the value (as %24%2B%2B) as a browser will interpret + as a space.