Search analytics report is empty

Problem description

The search analytics report is missing data for a period or is empty.


  • Check to see if analytics reports for your collection have been created yet. Analytics reports will be empty if an analytics update has never run. Run a manual update of analytics from the administration interface by selecting update analytics from the analyse tab.

  • Check that scheduled analytics updates are not disabled for the collection. Check the collection.cfg and ensure that the following line is not present (and set to false).

  • Analytics data is logged for the collection that is queried (indicated by the query parameter when you run a search). If the collection is part of a meta collection check to see if the meta collection is being queried, or if it is the component collection. If the meta collection is being queried then the analytics data will be reported in the meta collection’s search analytics report.

  • The reporting blacklist and reporting stop words lists are used to exclude items from the analytics reports - check these to ensure that items are not being inadvertently excluded.