Replacing Classic UI .tcgi links

this article applies to Funnelback 15.0 - 15.12.


This article provides a workaround for database and directory collections that use the serve-db-document.tcgi or serve-directory-document.tcgi script to show the record. Classic UI was removed from Funnelback v15.0.


Create a hook.post_datafetch.groovy script for the collection containing the following code:

// Replace database and directory collection Classic URLs with the cache link
if ( transaction.response != null
  && transaction.response.resultPacket != null) {
    transaction.response.resultPacket.results.each() {
        if (it.liveUrl =~ /serve-(directory|db)-document\.tcgi/) {
            it.liveUrl =  it.cacheUrl

This detects if the classic UI .tcgi script is being used as the record’s live URL and updates this to use the cache URL link which returns the document’s indexed XML.