Rebuild the analytics database


The analytics in Funnelback is processed incrementally. If changes are made to any analytics settings that affect the make up of the database then a full database rebuild is required for the changes to take effect to historical data.

Settings that require a rebuild of the database include:

  • analytics.data_miner.range_in_days

  • analytics.outlier.exclude_collection

  • analytics.outlier.exclude_profiles



  • analytics.reports.max_facts_per_dimension_combination

  • reporting_blacklist.cfg configuration changes


  1. Log in to the administration interface and switch to the affected collection

  2. Edit the collection.cfg by selecting browse collection configuration files from the administer tab, then click on the collection.cfg link in the file manager display.

  3. Disable incremental analytics updates by adding the following line to collection.cfg then save the file

  4. Select update analytics now from the analytics tab.

  5. The analytics reports for the collection will contain data once the database has finished rebuilding. This can take a while for large collections.

  6. During the rebuild messages are logged to $SEARCH_HOME/data/COLLECTION_NAME/log/update_reports.log

  7. Once the analytics build is finished edit the collection.cfg and remove the configuration line added above, or set.