Meta collections - where to make configuration changes


This article provides guidelines to help you decide if configuration change relating to a meta collection should be made to the meta collection or to an underlying component collection.

General advice

  • If the configuration change affects the presentation of results or changes to query-time behaviour (e.g. query processor options) then the configuration of the meta collection should be changed.

  • If the change affects the makeup of the index (such as indexer options or options relating to the gathering of content) then the configuration of the affected component collection should be changed.

Change the meta collection’s configuration files if editing:

  • query_processor_options for a meta collection (i.e. the collection parameter in your URL when querying references the meta collection ID).

  • faceted navigation definitions (see also Faceted navigation over meta collections for more details)

  • templating that applies to a meta collection.

  • UI hook scripts

  • contextual navigation

  • profile/marketing dashboard service configuration

Change the component collection’s configuration files if editing:

  • indexer_options

  • crawler options

  • include/exclude patterns

  • gscopes.cfg or kill_exact.cfg, kill_partial.cfg

  • groovy filters (such as noindex rules, text miner, custom crawl filters)

  • quick links definitions

  • result collapsing definitions

  • update workflow