Manually generate support package for debugging


There are certain situations when it’s not possible to generate a support packages from the Funnelback Admin UI. These can include:

  • Users of older versions of Funnelback.

  • The support package is too large to transport.

  • The generated support package is corrupt.

For these cases a support package can be generated from the command line use the following instructions.


Use tar to generate a tarball containing the relevant log files.

$ tar zcvf logfiles.tar.gz <list of folders/files to add>


$ tar zcvf /temp/logfiles.tar.gz /opt/funnelback/log/ /opt/funnelback/data/mycollection/live/log/ /opt/funnelback/data/mycollection/offline/log/


Use 7zip to generate archives for individual files or folders.

Download the command line version of 7zip from This file will need to be transferred to the Windows server, but once on the server does not require installation.

Assuming Funnelback is on the d:\ drive and you have installed the 7zip binary in d:\funnelback\wbin\7z

> d:\
> cd d:\tempd:\funnelback\wbin\7z\7za.exe a <outfilename> <filestoadd>
REM eg.
> d:\funnelback\wbin\7z\7za.exe a mycollection_offline_log.7z d:\funnelback\data\mycollection\offline\log\*
REM will create a file
> d:\temp\mycollection_offline_log.7z