Get collection state from command line

Be cautious when interrogating Redis directly and only use read commands otherwise you may damage the state information which may result in the need to do recrawls or break the state information within the admin UI.


This article describes how to read the collection state information from the command line.

Collection state information is stored in Redis.

Redis command line access

The following process can be used to access Redis from the command line:

  1. Open up the Redis CLI

  2. Authenticate by entering the following command. Enter the password obtained from the $SEARCH_HOM/conf/redis.password.conf.default file as the value of <password>.> AUTH <password>
    #e.g AUTH Iz5YKXhB6sah0OyfaqSjvQ
  3. List keys by entering the keys * command> keys *
    #Response e.g
    1) "collection:funnelback-docs:update-progress"
    2) "collection:funnelback-community-meta:update-progress"
    3) "collection:example-collection:update-progress"
    4) "collections:update-status"
  4. Key values can either be obtained by using the GET <KEYNAME> or HGETALL <KEYNAME> command. The use of GET/HGETALL will depend on the type of key (single value or hash).

    Example: Get key values> GET <KEYNAME>
    #e.g GET "collection:funnelback-docs:update-progress"
    "Pipeline finished"
  5. Quit from the CLI by entering the EXIT command.> EXIT

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