FeedbackLink plugin support for the Modern UI


This article outlines the steps required to access the Classic UI FeedbackLink plugin from the Modern UI. The Classic UI feedback mechanism was deprecated in v11.0 and was used to allow users to email feedback about search result to a search administrator.

This workaround applies to Funnelback v11.0 - v14.2. This workaround will not work in v15.0+ due to classic UI being removed from Funnelback.


The following macro adds Modern UI support for FeedbackLink functionality from the Classic UI.

Note: this does not re-implement the functionality, but does allow for construction of the link referencing the .tcgi file that use used to implement the functionality.

This needs to be added to a custom macro and imported into the template that is calling it.

<#-- implements the ClassicUI FeedbackLink Plugin functionality -->
<#macro FeedbackLink style="">
    <#local linktext><#nested></#local>
    <a <#if style?exists><#if style == "popup">target="_blank" </#if></#if>href="/search/feedback.tcgi?collection=${question.inputParameterMap["collection"]?html}&amp;query=${question.query?html}&amp;url=${question.environmentVariables["REQUEST_URL"]?url}"><#if linktext != "">${linktext?html}<#else>Help us improve these search results</#if></a>

Once this is defined and imported the FeedbackLink macro can be called with the same options as for classic UI.


Assuming the code is stored in a custom macro library that has been imported into the c namespace:

<@c.FeedbackLink>Help us improve these search results

Or with popup functionality

<@c.FeedbackLink style="popup">Help us improve these search results

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