Controlling the order that facets are displayed


The order that facets appear in the data model and hence the UI display is currently determined by the order in which the facets are defined in the faceted_navigation.cfg.

this article applies to Funnelback 15.10 and earlier. In Funnelback 15.12 facet order is natively supported and discussed in the faceted navigation documentation.


To alter this order there are a few things that can be done:

  • Funnelback 15.8 and newer: Define the order when the facet macro is called in the Freemarker template. e.g. <@s.Facet orderedNames=["Site", "Title", "URL", "Title"]>

  • Funnelback 15.6 and earlier: Alter the order of the definitions in the faceted_navigation.cfg (and thus faceted_navigation.xml that exists in the live index folder for the collection). This can be done either by directly editing the files, or by editing the faceted navigation structure in the admin UI (though this can be quite annoying because you can only add and remove facets, and any faceted added are always added to the bottom of the list).

  • Use faceted navigation macros that are specific to single facets (not really recommended unless you need to treat different facets differently at display time).

  • It may also be possible to manipulate the order of the facets in the data model via a post process hook script (though this is not tested)